Low Volume Production: Urethane & Silicone Cast in Silicone Mold or 3D Printed Mold. Overmold, Inserts, Finishing, Painting, CNCPrecision CNC Machining of All Materials. High Quality Precision to Meet Challenging Project Requirements.3D Printing options in a wide variety of materials and processes to meet challenging application requirements and specifications.Objet Connex500 Polyjet 3D Printing for High Quality Prototypes in a wide range of flexible and rigid materials.Contact us today for quotes and information about all our 3D Printing, Urethane Casting, Silicone Mold and Precision CNC Machining Options!Low Volume Production Options in all types of materials. Silicone Molds, 3D Printed Molds, CNC, Thermoform, Injection Mold & More!

Turnkey Low-Volume Production

High Quality Casting of Urethane and Silicone Parts in Silicone and 3D Printed Molds. Full finishing options including paint, inserts, color matching, silk screen, and more.

Precision CNC Machining

CNC 5 Axis Mills and CNC Lathes with Live Tooling. Our expert machinists work with all commercially available materials including all types of metal, plastic, wood and exotic metals.

FDM 3D Printing

We are excited to announce the addition of FDM thermoplastic 3D printing to our growing list of services. The FDM 3D Printer compliments our existing line up of SLA, SLS and Objet 3D Printers.

Objet 3D Printing

Our Objet Connex500 3D Printer can print multiple materials and multi-part assemblies. Digital material blends for flexible and rigid materials. High precision 3D Printing for fine details.

Expert Support

Every project is reviewed by our engineering team to ensure you get the best value and that the product will meet or exceed your requirements. Contact us today for more information, a quote and expert advice.

The Value of Low Volume

Quality Production parts quickly and cost effectively. Our processes include casting Urethane & Silicone, Vacuum Thermoforming, Precision Machining, Thermoplastic 3D Printing and Quality Finishing.

We are rapid prototyping specialists

Proto Technologies is a privately held rapid prototyping service bureau and precision machine shop in the United States. We specialize in quick-turn 3D printing, additive manufacturing, complex molding, CNC machining, and high-mix low-volume production. You don’t need to call multiple vendors, write separate purchase orders and coordinate deliveries for the production of your products; instead leave it all in our hands.

Proto Technologies is your one stop shop for turnkey production of premium parts.


  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Objet Connex500 3D printing (polyjet)
  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
  • Multi-material models

  • Cast parts in silicone, urethane, foam, epoxy
  • Medical grade, food grade, and ABS-like materials available
  • Overmolding, inserts, assembly


  • Lathes, mills with 5th axis, welding, inspection
  • We will machine any commercially available material

Cosmetic finish options available: Color match, paint, polish, texture, label, anodize, etch, silk screen, plate, powder coat… need a specific look? Just ask. 

We work directly with you, human-to-human, by asking questions, giving options, and covering the details from quote to completion. By choosing Proto Technologies you are choosing to reduce your product development life cycle and adapt to rapid advances in today’s highly competitive world market.

We are ITAR Certified and in the process of AS9100 Certification!


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  • Did you know ?

    • Material choices greatly affect the cost of your machining project.

    • Urethanes come in a wide range of different durometers and Shore A & D varieties.

    • Wall thickness makes a difference in the stability of urethane castings.

    • Stereolithography (SLA) parts designed with the long axis of the model oriented vertically take longer to build, but reduce the number of stair steps used.

    • We strive to be your turnkey provider of all your prototyping and low volume production needs.

    • Connex500 Polyjet parts can be painted.

    • If your Stereolithography (SLA) part’s walls are thick enough they can be hollowed out to save on production material costs.

    • Stereolithography (SLA) parts are used in investment casting.

    • We can build your aluminum tooling for plastic injection production.

    • Silicone molds are a great solution for low volume production.

    • Urethane parts can be cast in specific colors and with specific textures to meet your design needs.

    • We can be your low volume production supplier for parts in metals, plastics, and more.

    • Stereolithography (SLA) parts can be used as mold masters.

    • Silicones come in a wide range of different durometers and Shore A & D varieties.

    • Horizontally oriented Stereolithography (SLA) parts build faster and cheaper, but magnify the stair steps used in the model.

    • Machining tolerances can greatly affect the cost of your project.

    • The use of Connex500 Polyjet parts for masters can lead to cost savings in some applications.

    • Part geometry determines silicone mold life.

    • As you cast your models, urethane permeates the silicone mold over time and degrades the accuracy of your mold.

    • We can machine all types of materials.

    • We can provide you with referrals for industrial design advice and mechanical engineering.

    • The Stereolithography (SLA) process can also build QuickCast masters.

    • Urethane castings can be painted and finished.

    • Silicone parts can be painted and finished.

    • Electrodag shielding can be applied to urethanes as needed for production models and functional prototypes.

    • Parts can be cast in silicones as well as urethanes.

    • Silicone has a limited life cycle depending on the casting material chosen.

    • Pucks can be insert into molds during the molding process to simulate tactile feel in silicone keypads.

    • Radii can greatly affect the cost of your machining project.